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Search and Rescue Stick

Want to make a simple search and rescue stick that also doubles as a splint?

Easy to do with off the shelf parts from your local home improvement store.

Parts List

(3) 1" x 19" PVC Pipe

(2) 1" PVC end caps

(2) 1" PVC Male thread connectors

(2) 1" PVC Female thread connectors

PVC glue

Hack saw or PVC cutter


  • Cut PVC pipe into 3-19" long sections, remove any burrs with sandpaper (Can be longer or shorter depending on your preference)

  • For 2 of the sections, glue an end cap on one end. On the other end glue the male thread.

  • For the remaining section, glue the female thread to each end.

  • Reference photo for guidance.

Once the glue is dry, screw the two end cap sections onto the middle section (female threads). You now have a stick to use to move brush, etc. or to use as a walking stick.

The stick can be disassembled for transport or storage and two of the sections can also be used as a splint. When using as a splint that still leaves one section to use for pushing away brush, etc.

Just keep in mind that PVC pipe is a light material for reduced weight, but, it is limited is strength so take care not to stress the stick too much to where it may break. It is not designed to be load bearing.

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